www.nidw.gov.bd login (NID কার্ড সংশোধন) – National ID Correction

For NID card correction you must have to account on service.nidw.gov.bd login. We are going to submit our National ID card correction application form through online. There have some important document that need to attach on application copy. Make sure you have account on services.nidw.gov.com if you don’t have an account then registration using that link.

Now login using NID Number, Password and completing captcha code.

services.nidw.gov.bd login page

If lost your service.nidw gov bd login password then reset new password.

After successfully login you could see your image with some short information. And also have some option like_

services nid profile edit online
  1. Profile (You can check your all information here. For NID card correction you have to use this options)
  2. Reissue (If your NID card is damaged or lost then apply for reissue using this options)
  3. Change Password (If you need to change https://services.nidw.gov.bd password)
  4. Download (Download your NID card Online Copy)

Before update NID information you should know where your desire problem located. There have some different information that are eligible to edit through online.

Personal Information
  • Name (Bangla)
  • Name (English)
  • Gender
  • Blood Group
  • Birth Registration Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Birth Place
Father's Information
  • Father’s Name (Bangla)
  • Father’s NID Number
  • Death Date (If Applicable)
Mother's Information
  • Mother’s Name (Bangla)
  • Mother’s NID Number
  • Death Date (If Applicable)
Spouse's Information
  • Marital Status
  • Spouse’s Name (Bangla)
  • Spouse’s NID Number
  • Death Date (If Applicable)
Identification Information
  • Education (Bangla)
  • Occupation
  • Disability
  • Identification Mark (Bangla)
  • TIN
  • Driving License Number
  • Passport Number
  • Religion
  • Mobile Number
Address Correction
  • Division
  • District
  • Upozila
  • R.M.O
  • City Corporation or Municipality
  • Union
  • Mauja / Mahalla
  • Ward for Union Porishod
  • Village / Road
  • House / Holding (Bangla)
  • Post Office (Bangla)
  • Post Code

(Must remind that Permanent Address will be your Voter Address)

www.nidw.gov.bd login

1) Pay NID info Correction & Delivery Fee

Before edit your National ID card information for correction make sure you pay your fees. Calculation for NID card charge is now super easy. You have to pay certain amount of fee before at least 30 minute for correction NID card online.

National ID card Edit Online
  • Go to this link for Calculate fee for correction application or reissue application.
  • Type NID card Number
  • Select Application Type to “NID Info Correction”
  • Choose Delivery Type
  • Regular (It’s for general NID card/OLD NID card)
  • Regular Smart Card (If you want to change your smartcard information then select this option)
  • Type Captcha code showing above Number with latter.
  • Click “Calculate” Button and see above NID Number that noticed your charge amount.

Remember your NID card correction fees when calculate. Now you have to pay NID correction fees by using their listed mobile banking. Check below mobile banking list and payment National ID card reissued fee without going outside from home.

Online birth certificate verification (জন্ম নিবন্ধন যাচাই) – https://everify.bdris.gov.bd

National ID card check & Download (আইডি কার্ড চেক করুন) – services.nidw.gov.bd

How to get National ID card Bangladesh (নতুন ভোটার কার্ড করুন)

How to get a lost NID card from Bangladesh – হারানো NID পাবেন যেভাবে

Must check
NID correction charges

1. Dutch Bangla Bank & Rocket Mobile Banking

2. One Bank Ltd & OK Wallet Mobile Banking

3. Trust Bank Ltd & t-cash Mobile Banking

4. Mutual Trust Bank Ltd

5. Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd

6. First Security Islami Bank Ltd

nid correction fee list
Collect from: services.nidw.gov.bd

2) Edit or Change NID information & Upload Documents

If you already paid services nidw reissues fee using above method then click Continue button. Anyone can edit/change national ID card information through online but without paid their fee you are unable to process going last step for submit application form completely.

NID card info change and submit online application form

Edit very carefully, confirm transaction details, upload Documents then click confirm & Submit button.

You already complete your main process of NID correction through online method. After submit your online application form you have to wait at least 30 days for update from 105 Number on your message box.

3) Collect/Download Updated NID card

Bangladesh Election Commission (EC) will review all your document and confirm it would be eligible to update or not. If EC approved your all document showing online application form then they will send you text message on your desire phone number that your use when registration services.nidw.gov.bd official website. If they reject then you have to try another way like going to Upazila/EC Office to talk with them about your problem with proper documents.

Go to services.nidw.gov.bd and Download your updated National ID card

login and download

NID card correction Offline method also need to send Application to Upazila. You have to download Application Form nid login , fillup and attached some document and send to EC/ Upazila for verification. In Few days later We will try to update all information about National ID correction by offline method briefly. For get your New National ID card keep support us sharing this article on your Social profile site like Facebook, Twitter etc. Feel free to contact with nidw.gov.bd authority on available time to discuss about your problem. Thanks for keep reading our guidelines about update NID information through online.

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