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Class 6 English Assignment & Answer 2021 – 2nd Week Solution

Class 6 English Assignment published and we are ready for solve it. English Assignment of class 6 answer ready for 2nd week in 2021. Download Class six 2nd week English Assignment question paper. You have to solve simple assignment of 2nd week English solution for class six student.


Class 6 English Assignment – 2nd Week 2021

Class six English assignment-1 notice for lesson which is : Going to a new school. Now you have to do is read below assignment solution and make different copy for complete your task by your own experience.

[N.B- Don’t copy or write this solution for your assignment]

If you don’t write class six English assignment yourself your teacher would be reject it or tell you for resubmit it again. So, Dear student try to rewrite my class 6 English 2nd week assignment solution for submit it on your school.

Class six English Assignment Solution

Think of your first day at school. What experience did you have then? How did you feel- happy,frightened,thrilled or shy? Why did you feel so?

In your writing use the following question with Answer-

When did you go there?

I go there after fifteen (15) minutes later.

Who did you go with?

I go with my Father.

How did you go there?

In a rickshaw

Who did you meet there?

No One.

What did you see there?

Everybody has gone to class.

What was interesting/boring to you? Why?

I feel very Embarrassed. Because I go to a classroom that wasn’t mine.

How did you feel after returning home?

I was depressed after returning home.

There was total 7 question in Class six English 2nd week assignment. We solved your question with proper answer. Now You have to write it with your own experience. Don’t copy exactly my class 6 assignment for Second week student. Thanks for visit for searching 2nd week English Answer of class 6. You are most welcome for next assignment. For supporting us share this link with your friends using Below Facebook, Twitter button.