BRTA dl checker (ড্রাইভিং লাইসেন্স চেক ) – Driving license check

It takes a lot of time to get a driving license in Bangladesh. Many people frequently contact the office to driving license check application. Today we will know from this post how you can monitor your driving license status. An official app has been created by the BRTA office through which you can easily check your driving license status. ড্রাইভিং লাইসেন্স চেক করার নিয়ম. Here you will get to know when your driving license check online will be delivered to you. So let’s see how you can easily check the status of your driving license with the paper received from your BRTA office

You need an internet connected device to know the location of your brta driving licence check online anytime at home. Today we will show it through our mobile phones. 

Driving license check

Official Driving License Checking Apps developed by BRTA. Any person can view their applied driving license information using brta dl checker app. If you are an Android user, you can easily install the app on your mobile and complete the rest of the work. We sincerely regret that iPhone users will not be able to use the app for brta dl check. Below is the detailed information about the app. 

 Apps Name: BRTA DL cheker apk

Apps: BRTA

BRTA dl checker download size: 58MB

brta reference no example
Driving license reference number
  • First, take out your driving license test paper. That is, when you have passed the driving test and deposited the money, take out the paper that you have after giving your finger. 
  • Open the BRTA DL checker app from your mobile and enter 
  • Put the reference number on the paper and click on the submit button. 
  • After a while you will be able to see all the information along with the print version of your driving license as shown in the image below. 

ড্রাইভিং লাইসেন্স চেক করার নিয়ম

Type Your BRTA Reference Number

driving license check

Click Get Data and see your DL Status

DL Status check

ড্রাইভিং লাইসেন্স চেক করার নিয়ম

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After checking the driving license, contact the BRTA office. If you are unable to driving license check in the above rules, then let us know in the comment box and we will help you. It’s all about brta online registration check bd. Share our link to inform all your known friends and relatives how to check(ড্রাইভিং লাইসেন্স চেক করার নিয়ম) your driving license online. 

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