Titan IC (Mellanox Technologies) Company Profile & funding 

Belfast-based hardware supplier Titan IC has been acquired by Mellanox Technologies, according to an announcement made via Titan IC’s official Twitter account on March 3, 2020. Founded in 2007 by Sakir Sezer, Titan IC specializes in the production of hardware engines for content and network processing at a low cost.

The acquisition by Mellanox Technologies is expected to bring new opportunities for growth and development for the company, which has established a reputation for high-quality and cost-effective hardware solutions.

Titan IC to Mellanox is now NVIDIA

 Mellanox Technologies, which was acquired by Nvidia in April 2020, is a leading provider of intelligent interconnect solutions for a range of industries, including data center, cloud, and artificial intelligence.

The acquisition of Titan IC is expected to strengthen Mellanox’s capabilities in network processing and accelerate its growth in these areas. The financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

Titan IC to Mellanox is now NVIDIA

We are happy to share that Titan IC has been acquired by Mellanox Technologies, for information about our groundbreaking RXP technology please follow the Mellanox Technologies LinkedIn page and website:

Titan IC is a supplier of hardware engines for content and network processing, for both low cost

  • Company Name– Titan IC
  • Founded Date– 2007
  • Founders– Sakir Sezer
  • Headquarters Location– Belfast, Belfast, United Kingdom
  • Number of Employees– 11-50
  • Total Funding Amount – £850K (Total amount raised across all funding rounds)
  • Last Funding Type– Venture – Series Unknown
  • IPO Status– Private
  • Website– http://www.titan-ic.com/
  • CB Rank (Company) – 111,434
  • Contact Email[email protected]
  • Phone Number– +4402890453512

Titan IC Systems (TICS) is a spin-out company that originated from the Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology (ECIT) at Queen’s University Belfast. ECIT is a globally recognized research center with a focus on groundbreaking, strategic, and industry-specific projects in the realm of electronics, communications, and information technology. 

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With a substantial funding of £40 million, ECIT is a leading center for research in these fields, providing a unique platform for cutting-edge research and development. TICS, born out of this innovative environment, continues to build on the legacy of ECIT and has established itself as a prominent supplier of hardware engines for content and network processing, offering cost-effective solutions for a range of industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who acquired Titan IC Systems and when?

Titan IC Systems was acquired by Mellanox Technologies on March 3, 2020, as announced on the official Twitter account of Titan IC.

Who founded Titan IC Systems?

Titan IC Systems was founded in 2007 by Sakir Sezer. The company specializes in providing hardware engines for content and network processing at a low cost.

Where is Titan IC headquartered and what is their primary location?

Titan IC is headquartered in Belfast, Belfast, United Kingdom. Their primary location is in Belfast as well.

Who are the investors of Titan IC and how many have invested in the company?

Titan IC has three investors, which include QUBIS and Co-FundNI. Third investor is Techstart Ventures.

How much funding has Titan IC raised to date?

Titan IC has raised £850K in funding to date. This amount includes the funding from their last round of investment in 2015.

When was the last funding round for Titan IC?

Titan IC closed its last funding round on May 30, 2015. This round of funding was a Venture – Series Unknown round.