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Pushpa box office collection worldwide – From day 1 – 36

‘Pushpa-The Rise’ box office collection till now: Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna’s blockbuster film ‘Pushpa: The Rise’ earned ₹ 344 crore net worldwide. Fans are still watch Allu Arjun action and that growing pushpa worldwide collection.

Pushpa box office collection Rs 1,51,00,00,000 in its first week. And Now its reached ₹ 344 crore witching 36 days ! Lets check Pushpa everyday box office collection.

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pushpa movie collection worldwide till now
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Pushpa box office collection worldwide

‘Pushpa-The Rise’ box office collection Day 36 & 37 will be included very soon below this table.

Day 117-Dec-2021 (Fri)₹3.33 cr.
Day 218-Dec-2021 (Sat)₹3.79 cr.
Day 319-Dec-2021 (Sun)₹5.56 cr.
Day 420-Dec-2021 (Mon)₹3.70 cr.
Day 521-Dec-2021 (Tue)₹3.60 cr.
Day 622-Dec-2021 (Wed)₹3.53 cr.
Day 723-Dec-2021 (Thu)₹3.38 cr.
Day 824-Dec-2021 (Fri)₹2.31 cr.
Day 925-Dec-2021 (Sat)₹3.75 cr.
Day 1026-Dec-2021 (Sun)₹4.25 cr.
Day 1127-Dec-2021 (Mon)₹2.75 cr.
Day 1228-Dec-2021 (Tue)₹2.50 cr.
Day 1329-Dec-2021 (Wed)₹2.40 cr.
Day 1430-Dec-2021 (Thu)₹2.24 cr.
Day 1531-Dec-2021 (Fri)₹3.50 cr.
Day 1601-Jan-2022 (Sat)₹6.10 cr.
Day 1702-Jan-2022 (Sun)₹6.25 cr.
Day 1803-Jan-2022 (Mon)₹2.75 cr.
Day 1904-Jan-2022 (Tue)₹2.50 cr.
Day 2005-Jan-2022 (Wed)₹2.25 cr.
Day 2106-Jan-2022 (Thu)₹2.05 cr.
Day 2207-Jan-2022 (Fri)₹1.96 cr.
Day 2308-Jan-2022 (Sat)₹2.66 cr.
Day 2409-Jan-2022 (Sun)₹3.61 cr.
Day 2510-Jan-2022 (Mon)₹1.18 cr.
Day 2611-Jan-2022 (Tue)₹1.06 cr.
Day 2712-Jan-2022 (Wed)₹0.94 cr.
Day 2813-Jan-2022 (Thu)₹0.85 cr.
Day 2914-Jan-2022 (Fri)₹1.25 cr.
Day 3015-Jan-2022 (Sat)₹1.38 cr.
Day 3116-Jan-2022 (Sun)₹1.95 cr.
Day 3217-jan-2022(Mon)₹0.65cr.
Day 3318-jan-2022(Tue)₹0.55cr.
Day 3419-Jan-2022(Wed)₹0.5cr.
Day 3520-Jan-2022(Thu)₹0.45cr.
Day 3621-Jan-2022(Fri)₹0.4 cr.
Day 3722-Jan-2022(Sat)
Pushpa movie collection worldwide till now

Pushpa collection & Budget short Information

  • India Net Collection ₹ 244.05 Cr
  • Worldwide Collection ₹ 319 Cr
  • Overseas Collection ₹ 33.5 Cr
  • India Gross Collection ₹ 285.5 Cr
  • Pushpa Budget: ₹ 150 Cr * Approx
  • Pushpa Verdict: Coming Soon
  • Pushpa Screen count
  • India: 3000 * expected
  • Overseas: 1000 * expected
  • Worldwide total: 4000
  • Release Date: 17th Dec 2021

We collect box office collection of pushpa from various sources and our own research. The figures can be approximate and ejobscircular does not make any claims about the authenticity of the data. However they are adequately indicative of the box-office performance of the film(s).