Oneplus rotating camera Smartphone – Recording Mode, Expands Photo & Anti-shake system

Oneplus rotating camera works as an advanced anti-shake system for capturing rotating pictures from different positions. Oneplus, the latest smartphone manufacturer, is considering a rotating camera concept for 2020.There are some interesting technological features, like you don’t see the camera when it is not used to capture images. Keep reading to learn more about the magnetically rotating camera, which is located on the OnePlus smartphone.

Friends I am not talking about the pop-up camera, which has been used in the past on the OnePlus 7 Pro or Vivo V15 Pro. Will the OnePlus 11 Pro place a 180˚ rotating camera on the back of the phone?

Smartphone with magnetic rotating camera

OnePlus rotating camera Features

OnePlus’ smartphone with a rotating camera expands photo and video possibilities:

Using the OnePlus rotating camera, users can take pictures and video recordings of unique angels in high quality. Congratulations to graphic designer Parvez Khan for making it easier to visualize the patented technology. 

OnePlus Magnetic Rotating Camera Phone

Anti-shake system and rotating recording mode:

During rotation, it does not protrude further from the housing because the camera rotates on its own axis. For using several magnets OnePlus camera can rotate 180˚. Without a photographer, the 180-degree rotation camera allows the user to shoot photos from difficult angles. When you capture an image, it will seem to come from a mirrorless camera with a tilting screen.

OnePlus 11 Pro rotating camera
OnePlus 11 Pro rotating camera

It also has videography and panorama photography camera options. OnePlus will develop a special rotating recording mode that includes LetsGoDigital documentation or watch their YouTube channel.

OnePlus 11 Pro Trailer : Magnetic Rotating Camera

slow shutter speed for enhanced evening and night photography capabilities. OnePlus included an anti-shake system. It will also help capture streaks of light or water features on their back cameras.

Thanks LetsGoDigital for allow us using your copyrighted images on our website. All image, videos on this article collected from We will update you next tech news on this category. Smartphone with magnetic rotating camera will change using video responsibilities on 5G generation people. OnePlus Magnetic Rotating Camera Phone images are designed by aka Technizo Concept. Stay with us for more technology news.

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