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Mymap Application – byu register for classes

My map byu edu official website has some facilities for students who are trying to register for classes on byu. We are here to help you complete your application. Admission to Brigham Young University (BYU) already started and you can see byu academic calendar for the current session for proper knowledge.

byu mymap register

byu my map account creation guidelines are easy for new applicants.

byu mymap
byu mymap account create page

Brigham Young University (“BYU”) admission started.  

  • Register for classes by visiting this link:
  • You can sign in using your church account, Google account, Apple ID or other institute ID like Hawaii, Idaho, or Ensign College.
  • They also need an ID and password option to sign in.
  • To protect byu mymap account, you have to use the Dou Two-step verification service.
  • Don’t have an account button and it will redirect you to this link-

Creating a BYU account should take 5–10 minutes. If you have to cancel the process for any reason, you will need to start over.

During this process, you will need to provide the following basic information:

  • Full name
  • Birth month and day
  • Email address (used for verification)
  • Phone number

Click the “Begin” button

Give proper answer like this-

  • Why are you creating an account?
  • Ans: Applying to be a student

Click continue

Now provide the following information.

Please fill in the required fields: first name, last name, birth day, birth month, birth year, sex, email address.

  • Check marks on Account Terms of Use
  • Complete captcha code
  • And click continue button.
  • After few seconds later you will receive verification code on your email.
  • Submit that verification code and click Continue button.

Please select a Net ID

A Net ID is a BYU username.

If you think you may already have a Net ID, please contact IT Support at 801-422-4000 before proceeding.

Guidelines for creating a Net ID:

  • May contain letters and numbers
  • All letters will be lowercase
  • Must begin with a letter
  • Must contain no fewer than 5 and no more than 8 characters

Net IDs cannot be changed, so please use good taste

You may use a suggested Net ID, or create your own:

Make your own net id and click continue…

Please consider that:

  • This will identify you with Bye and related sites/offices.
  • This may be used to sign in to applications and websites.
  • You may be assigned an email address with this username that is used in certain applications.

After reading this warning notice, click the OK button.

  • Now create a password.
  • And click the continue button. account

A few seconds later, it will show you the congratulations notice. Then log into your account using your newly created username and password.