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memis online application – memis gov bd

The website for the Ministry of Education in Bangladesh provides an overview of the ministry’s work and responsibilities. The site includes information on the ministry’s organizational structure, its functions and mandate, and details of its programs and initiatives. It also provides contact information for the ministry and its various departments.

Madrasah Education Management Information System (MEMIS) is a web-based application developed by the Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board (BMEB) to facilitate the management of madrasahs in Bangladesh.

memis online application

The application enables madrasahs to maintain student records, staff records, financial records, and inventory records. It also provides a platform for communication between madrasahs and the BMEB.

MEMIS was launched in 2016, and as of 2022, over 4k+ madrasahs in Bangladesh are using the application.

memis online application

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The Directorate of Madrasah Education is responsible for the administration of madrasahs, or Muslim religious schools, in Bangladesh. The directorate is part of the Ministry of Education and is headquartered in Dhaka. The directorate’s responsibilities include developing madrasah curriculum, registering and inspecting madrasahs, and providing teacher training. The directorate also provides financial assistance to madrasahs through the Madrasah Education Fund. As of 2016, there were 4,844 registered madrasahs in Bangladesh, with over 1.4 million students enrolled.

memis gov bd

The Directorate of Madrasah Education was established in 1979, following the passing of the Madrasah Education Ordinance. The Ordinance made madrasahs subject to government regulation and control, in an effort to improve the quality of education at these institutions. Prior to this, madrasahs were managed by local religious leaders and did not come under government supervision. The Ordinance also established the Madrasah Education Board, which is responsible for developing madrasah curriculum and overseeing madrasah examinations.

The Institute Management System is a comprehensive system that covers all aspects of institute management, from online applications and performance-based management to training management and project management. Personal data sheets and accounting are also included in the system, as well as a comprehensive report function that allows institute managers to track and monitor all aspects of the institute’s operations.