Latest Jobs in Dubai (UAE) for Bangladeshis 2017 – All Vacancies

The United Arab Emirates has become one of the top destinations for Bangladeshis looking for Jobs in the Middle East. Check Recent All Jobs Vacancies in UAE. Latest Jobs in Dubai found in  Even though many people who go to UAE look for Jobs in UAE and Abu Dhabi, there are also other Emirates which also offer a number of Jobs.  Actually, many Bangladeshis are now living and working in UAE and they are the one of the largest group of foreigners in UAE. The number of Bangladeshis in UAE is now more than 500,000 .


Jobs in Dubai 2017

This is good news for those who want to work from Dubai or UAE as a whole, The large community of Bangladeshis in UAE  is an advantage in a way that other Bangladeshis will find it easier to get a job in Dubai with the help of a larger community compared to countries which have few people in Dubai.

The United Arab Emirate is made up of seven (7) Emirates and Bangladeshis are in all of them. These include Dubai which is the most developed, Abu Dhabi which is the Capital city, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwaim.  Many of those Emirates have many Bangladeshis and many jobs available.

Jobs for Bangladeshis in UAE

There are many Jobs for Bangladeshis in UAE, actually, it is good to know that even now, people from Bangladesh are dominating the transport sector with many driving taxis, logistics vehicles and crane operators. Others are working in Banks, Hotels and Restaurants. It is also good to know that there are many Bangladeshi run businesses in UAE. You will realize that Dubai alone has more than 500,000 people from Bangladesh.

The booming Jobs private sector which includes manufacturing industries, service sector, the tourism sector which includes Hotels and the IT sector are a major source of many jobs in the country.

How to Find Jobs in UAE

There are many ways to easily find jobs in UAE. The easiest has always been the use of Job Websites.  Most Bangladeshis use a website called Amito Jobs to get jobs in UAE. The website updates daily with new jobs and it is very easy to navigate and even to register a CV.  However, there are also many other job websites which people use.  It is just a matter of spotting a job you like and then apply online.  Even though Amito Jobs is a popular  Jobs in Dubai, other websites can also used in addition to Amito Jobs

Social groups are also an effective way of getting Jobs Circular in Dubai and UAE as a whole. Many Jobs are shared in Whatsapp groups for local communities in UAE. If you come to UAE, it is good to get a community Whatsapp group where new jobs are shared every day.  Other jobs are also shared on Facebook, Linked and Google plus communities.

Another effective way of getting jobs in Dubai or other Emirates of UAE is the Door to Door method; this is when a Job seeker moves from office to office looking for jobs. People write so many CVs and drop them to areas they suspect to have Jobs. Such areas include offices, restaurants, hotels, malls, shops, and other service sector employers.  Many even get instant interviews in case you reach a place where they are in a need of employees.

It is also good to have a copy of the news papers of the day so that you can check out for new jobs. But this one mostly work for people who are already in the UAE. For people who are still in their native countries, applying from websites seems to be the best way.

Security Tips

All people who want to work in Dubai should be very careful not to lose their money to scammers who lie about getting for them jobs in Dubai. If you are to get a job in Dubai, the employer sends you a Visa. It is even illegal to pay money to get a job in UAE.  Many people have lost their money in such scams.Hoping these tips will help you to get your dream job in UAE.