Islami Bank Written Exam Question Solution 2017

Bangladesh Islami Bank written Exam complete today . Now We published Islami Bank Written Exam Question Solution at . IBBL Math Question Solution also available now. Let`s check below this Full IBBL Job Question Solution on 07 April 2017.

Islami Bank Written Exam Question Solution


Islami Bank Written Exam Question Solution

IBBL Written Exam Question Solution

The cost of A And B equities is the different of two positive integer.if sum of 4 equities of A and 5 equities of B is 27.what is the total cost of 2 equities of A and 3 equities of B?—-IBBL(PO)-07/04/2017

or, A=(27-5B)/4——–(i)
now, if B=1 then A=(27-5)/4=4.5 which is not integer
it is only possible when B=3 then A=3
so 2A+3B=2*3+3*3=15
Note: according to condition A&B is different integer. but it is not possible to find out different value of A & B

ibbl written puzzle solution..
1. I cannot seat
2. F and H must be seat
3. F and T cannot be selected
4. U is the 4 th one
5. 2 combination…

BBL (PO) Written GK Solution

1) Bengali Renessiance starts = Raja Rammohon Roy
2) Schedule Bank Regulated by = Bank Company Act 1991
3) Armed Forces Day = 21st November
4) @  = Domain Name
5) Monpura 70 = Zainul Abedin
6) 2019 Icc cricket world cup = England
7) Mongla port = Pashur River
8) VSAT = Very Small Aperture Terminal
9) IFC headquarters = Washington DC
10) ACU Chairman = Bangladesh

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